Fatema Trading Co.  
About Us

Established in 1982, Fatema Trading Co. has gone through many phases of the developing building industry of Nasik. Starting just from a general hardware outlet, we have always kept up with the pace of modern development of Nashik’s furniture fittings industry. Having brought a massive revolution in the hardware concept, Fatema Trading Co. currently serves more than 20,000 products and is a home of more than a dozen reputed international brands.

Quality Assurance
Right since the time of establishment, we have believed in value for money products yet lasting a lifetime. Considering the fact that the industry consists of both the commercial as well as premium needs for building materialand both the types of customers exist, we try to house the entire range and collection of a particular product in its variety with respect to quality and cost. Although, others take care of the cheap factor, we totally believe in quality products that are manufactured by leading companies and are made to last up to satisfaction and beyond the guarantee period of the product. While most of our brands have guarantee commitment for their products, for the others, it is our commitment that stays with it.
At our new organization, we are equipped with the most modern techniques which offer live display for most of the furniture fittings making it easy for both the customers as well as the carpenters to understand the concept of modern fixtures without stressing on brochures. Since 1995, we are the first fully computerized hardware organization in the city till date. The selection and billing procedure of the products become easier and faster here and the best part of all is that you have the entire and exact details of the products purchased for future reference.

Fatema Trading Co. also has its own in house staff who make sure one and all of our customers are as important and are dealt with appropriate attention. Since, we possess more critical and modern fittings, it becomes necessary for us to possess its proper knowledge. This is what we have been giving importance to since years and we make sure that all of our staff has adequate knowledge of all the products and each one of them has special and technical knowledge of at least a few products.

With all of these characteristics, we make sure each one of our customers has a unique and a great shopping experience.